Spotify pairs with DistroKid, offering broader distribution to artists with direct uploads

Spotify recently opened up a beta test where select indie artists could upload their songs directly to the streaming service. Now, the company announced that it is expanding that offering through an integration with DistroKid. Under the terms of their partnership, artists who are participants in Spotify’s upload program can seamlessly distribute their work to other platforms. In addition, Spotify has made a passive minority investment into DistroKid. The integration is due to roll out “in the near future,” but no specifics of the timeline were revealed.

“For the past five years, DistroKid has served as a go-to service for hundreds of thousands independent artists, helping them deliver their tracks to digital music services around the world, and reaching fans however they choose to consume music,” Spotify said in a blog post announcing the news. “The service has been a trusted and reliable partner to Spotify, which is why they’re a natural choice to enhance the experience for artists using our beta upload feature.”

Anna Washenko