DistroKid announces partnership and new tools to prevent unauthorized streaming uploads

Digital music distributor DistroKid has entered a deal aimed at curbing unauthorized streaming. DistroKid signed an agreement with Audible Magic and will use its new partner’s RightsRxTM solution to check the authenticity of all uploads by its artists. The distributor will also use Audible Magic’s Broad Spectrum service for content identification to further catch any unauthorized versions of a song.

DistroKid is furthering its internal tools for stopping piracy. It launched a new, free resource called DistroLock where artists can upload and register unreleased tracks, which could limit leaks.

“Until now, there hasn’t been a definitive way for artists to say, ‘this is my audio, don’t let anyone else release it,'” DistroKid CEO Philip Kaplan said. “With the launch of DistroLock, any musician can preemptively register their audio to help ensure that unauthorized releases don’t see the light of day. This partnership with Audible Magic and the creation of DistroLock will help artists by ensuring that their original content is uploaded and distributed fairly, with accuracy and speed.”

“In this day and age, it’s imperative for artists everywhere to register their content to not only claim ownership, avoiding impersonators, but to also ensure that they are being accurately credited and compensated,” Audible Magic President and CEO Vance Ikezoye said. “DistroKid has a positive reputation amongst artists for making distribution fast, reliable and easy. This partnership signals our joint commitment to an industry working towards clean data, proper rights management and improved artist attribution.”

Anna Washenko