Facebook and Universal reach licensing deal

Universal Music Group has signed a global, multi-year licensing deal with Facebook, marking a big legal development for how and where music might start showing up on the social network. Universal is the first major label to ink a licensing deal with Facebook, and the arrangement will allow the creation of music features across Facebook’s properties. Continue Reading


YouTube and Universal Music Group reach licensing deal; Sony may be next

YouTube has signed a new licensing deal with Universal Music Group. UMG did say that the deal would lead to “growing compensation” for its artists, but neither company has disclosed details. “We’re thrilled to strengthen our partnership with Universal Music Group,” YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said. Continue Reading

Universal launches network to connect with music and media tech startups

Universal Music Group announced the creation of an accelerator engagement network designed to help the major label build ties with the next wave of music startups. Up to ten programs will participate in the first year of the project. UMG will provide industry expertise during the application process as well as mentorship to companies focused on digital music that are accepted into the accelerators. Continue Reading