Industry support for Music Modernization Act could fray as amendments enter debate

The Music Modernization Act, a move to overhaul several federal laws for music licensing, has been making slow and steady progress through Congressional committees. Now, some proposed changes have fractured the near-universal support the Act initially commanded from songwriters, streaming companies, and other industry groups. Continue Reading

Publisher hits Spotify with $1.6 billion licensing lawsuit

Publisher Wixen has sued Spotify over claims that the streaming service used thousands of songs without the proper license. The suit was filed on December 29 in California federal court. Wixen is looking to recoup damages of at least $1.6 billion plus injunctive relief. The publisher represents titles by several well-known artists, including Tom Petty, Neil Young, and Stevie Nicks. Continue Reading


Mechanical royalty overhaul of the Music Modernization Act reaches House of Representatives

Legislation that proposes a mechanical licensing overhaul has been introduced in the House of Representatives. The Music Modernization Act would create a collective to manage the licenses for the mechanical licensing in all digital uses of music compositions. Under the bipartisan proposal, royalties would be based on free market rates of what willing buyers and sellers would negotiate. Continue Reading

Songwriters move closer toward proposing blanket mechanical licensing law

Several organizations within the music industry are making an effort to create a blanket mechanical license for digital music services. David Israelite, president and CEO of the National Music Publishers Association, introduced the latest push at the monthly meeting of the Association of Independent Music Publishers. The proposed law would streamline the process of collecting mechanical royalties as well as revising the rate-setting process. Continue Reading

NMPA says members opting in to Spotify mechanicals settlement

The National Music Publishers’ Association said that a large number of its members have signed on to participate in the $30 million settlement with Spotify over publishing royalties. “The vast majority of our members have opted into our settlement,” President and CEO David Israelite said of the arrangement. Continue Reading

David Lowery’s lawyers want details on Spotify/NMPA royalty settlement

The lawsuit filed by David Lowery against Spotify has gotten a new wrinkle today. Lowery’s legal team has filed a request to see all the correspondence sent by the streaming service to potential participants in the class action suit related to Spotify’s recent settlement with the National Music Publishers Association. Continue Reading