IMPEL sees 60% growth in online royalties

IMPEL logo canvasIndependent Music Publishers e-Licensing (IMPEL) announced that royalties it received from online music services increased 60% last year. The group collectively licenses the Anglo-American mechanical digital rights in Europe for publishers. It receives online royalties from streaming services and digital music companies including Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.

“By uniting their repertoire and pro-actively engaging with the digital community the independent publishers are operating on a par with the majors,” IMPEL CEO Jane Dyball said. “With repertoire spanning decades, genres and which has been recorded by iconic artists from Elvis to Bowie to Drake, the IMPEL repertoire has become an essential repertoire for digital services. IMPEL is growing in all directions and 2017 is going to be a ground-breaking year for us.”

IMPEL’s 46 members include indie music companies such as Beggars Music, Imagem, and SONGS Music Publishing.

Anna Washenko