The Internet Association adds support for the Music Modernization Act

The Internet Association trade group has thrown its considerable clout behind the Music Modernization Act. The organization represents several online powerhouses such as Google and Facebook, as well as prominent music services Pandora and Spotify. With support from streaming platforms added to the endorsements of other trade groups, the music industry has been uniformly in favor of the effort to revamp mechanical licensing.

The Music Modernization Act proposes the creating of a collective to manage all digital uses of mechanical licenses. It would also change the rules to set market-based rates and add more judicial variety to the rate court processes for ASCAP and BMI.

“This bill builds on the internet innovations driving growth in the music industry to modernize music licensing laws,” Internet Association President and CEO Michael Beckerman said. He added that all 40 members of the group are “committed” to seeing the act advance.

The legislation has now been introduced in the Senate and the House of Representatives, with bipartisan backing in both cases.

Anna Washenko