Google goes native to promote Play Music free tier

The business of an ad-supported radio service can be a tricky one, balancing the listeners’ demand for free content with the need to stay afloat and make money to keep delivering that content. And with so many well-established players such as Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio already sitting in comfortable positions, it’s extra challenging for a new face to break through the crowd. Yet Google is trying to do just that and it’s using native advertising to stand out. Continue Reading


Google goes freemium: Play Music gets ads

Google has unveiled a new free version of its Google Play Music streaming service. This ad-supported tier will offer a more limited lean-back experience compared with the paid subscription to its platform. The free level offers curated playlists designed to pair with specific genres, moods, or activities. It is rolling out first on Android and web, with an iOS update due soon. Continue Reading

T-Mobile adds 14 more services to Music Freedom

T-Mobile announced the addition of several services to its Music Freedom plan, which lets listeners stream songs without counting the activity against their data plans. Google Play Music was the most-requested addition according to T-Mobile’s crowdsourcing efforts earlier this summer, and it is now included under the plan. Xbox Music and SoundCloud are the other better known names added to the list. Continue Reading

Google Play Music All Access expands to 14 more European nations

Google announced that its Play Music service has rolled out in several more European countries. The music store and the related All Access subscription streaming platform are now available in 14 more EU nations. Google has been making a march across the globe with its Play Music services over the course of 2014. Continue Reading