Digital Radio Austria pushing civic uses of DAB+

Wolfgang Struber, vice chairman of Digital Radio Austria, made statements supporting the adoption of DAB+ technology in the European nation. “Radio is the last broadcasting format in Austria to convert to digital, and Digital Radio Austria wants to follow the trend set by some other European countries to make the switch to DAB+,” he said. Continue Reading

Australia expanding regional DAB+ tests to 2016

The Australian Communications and Media Authority announced that it will extend the current round of DAB+ trials until June 30, 2016. The tests are occurring in Canberra and Darwin, and are being led by Commercial Radio Australia. The trials happening in the capital city of Canberra include the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the Special Broadcasting Service, with hope for community services to eventually join. Continue Reading

Switzerland audience listens equally to DAB+ and Internet radio

The Swiss Radio Day included a presentation of research into digital listening within Switzerland’s radio audience. The Digital Migration working group’s recent research found that 45% of all radio listening in the nation happens on digital channels. DAB+ is responsible for about half of that figure. At this stage, DAB+ and the Internet are equally popular among listeners. Continue Reading

Australia’s capitals have more than 3 million DAB+ listeners

Commercial Radio Australia announced the launch of a report on DAB+ stations in the country. The data from market research firm GfK marks the first release of audience numbers for DAB+ stations since the technology launched down under in 2009. There are currently 3.16 million people in the DAB+ audience across Australia’s five main metropolitan cities. Continue Reading

UK minister points to “very close” targets for DAB conversion

UK Minister of Culture, Communications and Creative Industries Ed Vaizey spoke recently on BBC 4 about the potential FM radio switch-off in favor of DAB. “When we reach a certain target of listening on digital—and we’re very close to that target at the moment—we’ll take a view on what the appropriate next step will be,” he said. Continue Reading

Australia looks to expand DAB+ outside major cities

Australian Minister for Communications Malcom Turnbull released a report with recommendations for creating a digital radio planning committee in charge of rolling out DAB+ outside of the major metropolitan areas. Commercial Radio Australia and the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia voiced support for this step toward increasing DAB+ coverage. This new report sees digital radio as a supplement to broadcasting rather than a replacement, at least for the near future. Continue Reading