Australia’s capitals have more than 3 million DAB+ listeners

Australia flag canvasCommercial Radio Australia announced the launch of a report on DAB+ stations in the country. The data from market research firm GfK marks the first release of audience numbers for DAB+ stations since the technology launched down under in 2009.

There are currently 3.16 million people in the DAB+ audience across Australia’s five main metropolitan cities. There are more than 45 DAB+ only stations in those regions. The report also found that more than 2.2 million listeners listen to AM/FM stations on DAB+ technology. Nearly a quarter of the population in the Aussie capitals (24.1%) listen to local radio through DAB+ broadcasts.

“These strong numbers show that Australians are embracing the diversity offered by the new free-to-air DAB+ stations while also continuing to enjoy their favourite existing stations via DAB+,” said Joan Warner, CRA’s CEO. “The digital radio market has matured and there is an appetite for targeted advertising, the DAB+ numbers are now comparable to multi-channel digital television and networks are able to offer advertisers niche opportunities and further monetize DAB+ digital radio.”

Anna Washenko