Edison Research to intro The Infinite Dial UK

The Infinite Dial, globally recognized as a singular authoritative consumer survey and reference for how people consume digital media, will be extended to the UK next month. The annual American edition has been produced for 24 years, resulting in exceptionally valuable trend lines illustrating consumer uptake of streaming audio and podcasting. The brand has expanded to Canada, Australia, Germany, and South Africa. The December 2 release of a UK version will be Edison’s first for that region, and is supported by Bauer Media and Spotify. Click for the registration link. Continue Reading

Bauer Media enters Ireland vial acquisition of Communicorp Group

Bauer Media, a leading European digital commercial broadcaster and audio operator, will acquire Communicorp, Ireland’s largest commercial radio group. In this merger, Bauer expands its audio business to eight countries reaching over 55-million listeners. Communicorp owns and operates a portfolio of media channels with a strong focus on commercial radio and emerging digital media. Price is reported to be €100m. Continue Reading