Edison Research to intro The Infinite Dial UK

The Infinite Dial, globally recognized as a singular authoritative consumer survey and reference for how people consume digital media, will be extended to the UK next month. The annual American edition has been produced for 24 years, resulting in exceptionally valuable trend lines illustrating consumer uptake of streaming audio and podcasting. The brand has expanded to Canada, Australia, Germany, and South Africa. The December 2 release of a UK version will be Edison’s first for that region, and is supported by Bauer Media and Spotify.

Per Infinite Dial tradition, the results will be released in an explanatory webinar. Edison Research founder and president Larry Rosin will host the presentation. “We are excited to add the UK to the list of countries around the world investigating digital audio, podcasting, and social media usage via The Infinite Dial franchise. Thanks to Bauer Media and Spotify for bringing this beneficial research to the media community in the UK.”

Graham Bryce, Chief Operating Officer, Bauer Media Audio UK said, “We are proud to be part of bringing The Infinite Dial to the UK to showcase digital audio and media consumption among Britons. These never-before-seen findings will benefit many across the industry and provide deeper understanding of consumer habits in this fast-growing market segment. Infinite Dial is another great step forward in our mission of providing leadership in audience insight.”

James Cator, Spotify UK and Ireland, Head of Studios, said, “We are really excited to be working with Edison Research on the Infinite Dial’s first ever UK report. There’s no doubt that consumers’ habits when it comes to media consumption are changing rapidly, and as the UK’s most popular audio platform, Spotify is a key part of driving and delivering against this change.”

Register HERE for the free December 2 webinar.

Brad Hill