As pod listening raises annually, ad rates drop monthly

In yesterday’s Infinite Dial 2023 report conducted by Edison Research (RAIN coverage HERE) we saw growth stories for online audio generally, and podcasting in particular. Listening to podcasts (and online audio generally) trended upward. At the same time, the monthly CPM ad-cost tracker from AdvertiseCast shows ad rates dropping. Those two trends are not necessarily contradictory. Continue Reading

Average podcast CPM rose in April (AdvertiseCast monthly report)

AdvertiseCast, a subsidiary of podcast host/tech company Libsyn, released the April edition of its monthly CPM tracker, continuing a trendline of how much advertisers pay to market in podcasts of different audience sizes. The average CPM for a 60-second spot across all measured podcasts rose by 1.5%. Click through for details. Continue Reading

Tech leads podcast CPM rates for March (Libsyn / AdvertiseCast)

Technology podcasts earned the highest category CPM rate (cost per thousand ad plays) in March, according to Libsyn-owned AdvertiseCast. For the month, the average CPM for a 60-second podcast spot was $23.43, while the Tech category average was $32. Kids & Family posted a $28 CPM, and the Business category came in at $27. Click for a trendline and additional details. Continue Reading

Podcast CPMs reach for new highs at year’s end: AdvertiseCast

In a very interesting set of benchmarks, podcast ad marketplace AdvertiseCast (a subsidiary of Libsyn) released its internal CPM numbers. The metrics include average cost-per-thousand podcast ad impressions for 30-second and 60-second sponsorships, as well as rates for podcasts with different numbers of listeners. Click for two-year trendlines for podcasts addressing different audience sizes. Continue Reading

Libsyn raises $25M and will acquire AdvertiseCast

Libsyn, one of the world’s largest podcast hosting companies, announces today that it will acquire AdvertiseCast, a podcast ad planning and buying platform. The purchase is supported by $25-million in funds that the publicly traded company raised privately. While this funding is apparently motivated chiefly to enable the AdvertiseCast purchase, the investment is also intended “to provide Libsyn with additional capital for other strategic acquisitions.” Continue Reading

Podomatic working with AdvertiseCast for podcast ad monetization

Podcast publishing and hosting service Podomatic has entered a partnership with AdvertiseCast to bring monetization tools to its clients. AdvertiseCast is an online marketplace for buying and selling audio advertising. One interesting aspect of this deal is that podcasters do not need to use Podomatic’s hosting service. Continue Reading