Podomatic working with AdvertiseCast for podcast ad monetization

podomatic-logo-canvasPodcast publishing and hosting service Podomatic has entered a partnership with AdvertiseCast to bring monetization tools to its clients. AdvertiseCast is an online marketplace for buying and selling audio advertising. The new deal allows interested parties to sign up for an account with Podomatic and make their profile visible to AdvertiseCast buyers. Those members who have Pro hosting accounts with Podomatic will have their stats verified by the company, improving their chances of getting sponsors from prospective advertisers. Once an ad is bought, the podcaster receives 80% of the revenue from it.

One interesting aspect of this deal is that podcasters do not need to use Podomatic’s hosting service, if they are already at home with another company. However, signing up for Podomatic’s “Pro” hosting service does deliver a higher level of audience metrics (called “verified stats”) which might make advertisers more likely to buy into a show.

“Before AdvertiseCast, the only means for finding show sponsors was to do it themselves or work with an ad agency or their hosting partner. But these organizations require large listening audiences and most shows don’t meet these requirements,” said Sloan Wilson, Podomatic’s head of partnerships and customer success. “We believe with the help of AdvertiseCast, we can help our smaller publishers monetize their show at the same time provide value to advertisers looking to target a niche audience.”

Anna Washenko