Average podcast CPM rose in April (AdvertiseCast monthly report)

AdvertiseCast, a subsidiary of podcast host/tech company Libsyn, released the April edition of its monthly CPM tracker, continuing a trendline of how much advertisers pay to market in podcasts of different audience sizes.

The average CPM for a 60-second spot across all measured podcasts (represented by the black line below) was $23.27 in March — that’s the average cost per thousand ad plays in podcasts of all sizes. That number rose to $24.01 in April, an inflation of 1.5%.

Podcasts of smaller reach (1,000 to 9,999 listeners) collect higher CPM rates, as seen in the red line above.

The three highest CPM categories were:

  • Business: $28
  • Kids and Family: $28
  • Health and Fitness: $27

“Podcasting continues its meteoric rise in popularity,” the company says, “with 73% of Americans ages 12 and up – an estimated 209 million people – reporting that they’ve listened to a podcast in the last month.”


Brad Hill