New podcast creation continues 2022 downward trend in April

New podcast creation dropped to a 2022 low point, according to Listen Notes, which produces a monthly report of podcast production. The month of April saw 8,410 new shows launched, down from 16,246 in March. There has been a steady downward trend in 2022 to date:

Taking the first four months of 2022 together, 62,683 new shows have dropped. If that metric held steady for the year, we could expect about 188-thousand new podcasts in 2022. Looking back at 2021, over 712-thousand new shows were pushed into the podsphere. And in 2020? Over a million. So the late-stage-Covid and maybe-end-of-Covid trend is resolutely downward.

Finally, the ecosphere numbers: Listen Notes says there are 2,836,313 podcasts and 132,675,936 episodes in the world. That puts the average number of episodes per podcast at 47.


Brad Hill