Review: Beatgasm stands out for EDM curation

Beatgasm came to life when a Miami radio station opted to make the move online. Rather than just keep a pureplay rendition of the station, Beatgasm expanded into a network of lean-back EDM stations. Today, the platform has a range of prepared playlists, focused by subgenre, mood, energy level, or city. There is also a suite of curated stations by the Beatgasm team. Continue Reading


SoundHound relaunches app, optimized for iPhone 6, with Beats Music integration

SoundHound announced a relaunch of its popular music-recognition app, which the company calls “the most significant visual change to the app.” The design is optimized for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and of course is fine in earlier iPhones, and Android phones. We tested the new SoundHound version 6.3 in both environments. Continue Reading


Spotify’s Sort Your Music app uses data to explore, restructure playlists

Review by Anna Washenko

Data is the big buzzword of the moment, and a new web app from Spotify is putting a slice of that information trove in the hands of listeners. The web app is called Sort Your Music. It lets you look at any playlist in Spotify, then shuffle the order based on the various musical traits. Continue Reading


iHeartRadio enhances station discovery and music browsing in overhauled desktop app

iHeartRadio re-launched its mobile apps in June, and today brings a new version of its web browser experience. We tested the experience, and found it significantly cleaner and more conducive to exploring stations and discovering music. The key change of the new desktop site is a blurring of lines between type of station, and an increased dedication to providing the user with desired sounds regardless of originating platform. Continue Reading