REVIEW: 6 Seconds launches, turning global radio into a streaming jukebox

Serial entrepreneur and disruptor Michael Robertson has launched 6 Seconds, a mobile listening app that turns radio (broadcast and pureplay) into a searchable jukebox experience. The app is positioned as an alternative to Pandora, and we also found unique discovery features. Continue Reading


Streamus: A Google Chrome extension that undermines Google’s streaming business

A Google Chrome browser extension called Streamus is lit up with buzz after the developer posted a promotional status report on Reddit. Streamuis makes YouTube music navigation easier and more lightweight. At the same time, the extension separates the user from YouTube, and provides some of the value that YouTube’s new Music Key subscription service promotes. Continue Reading


Review: Beatgasm stands out for EDM curation

Beatgasm came to life when a Miami radio station opted to make the move online. Rather than just keep a pureplay rendition of the station, Beatgasm expanded into a network of lean-back EDM stations. Today, the platform has a range of prepared playlists, focused by subgenre, mood, energy level, or city. There is also a suite of curated stations by the Beatgasm team. Continue Reading