Spotify, iHeartMedia facing playlist patent lawsuit

Spotify and iHeartMedia have been sued on allegations that they are infringing on a patent for sharing and retrieving playlist information online. Post Media Systems is the plaintiff, representing Alan Bartholomew of SoniClear. The central patent is titled “System and Method for Creating and Posting Media Lists for Purposes of Subsequent Playback.” Continue Reading


iHeartRadio and AdsWizz launch private programmatic market for streaming radio

iHeartMedia today announced the launch of a private programmatic marketplace for digital radio in the company’s iHeartRadio service. iHeart says this is the first programmatic platform of its kind in the U.S. The platform is powered by ad-tech company AdsWizz. Continue Reading


iHeartMedia: Radio and digital blur together; CRB will accelerate streaming

iHeartMedia delivered its Q4-2015 earning report and investor call last week, and as usual with these calls, the prepared statements and answers to investor questions gave perspective on the company’s strategic thinking. Broadcast and digital are “as one.” Continue Reading