RAIN Notes: Friday, June 7

Jottings of note:


AM, AM not

AM radio in new cars (or lack of it) has been an issue in American car building. In a new post by auto technology expert Roger Lanctot (HERE), we learned about in Fred Jacobs’ daily blog post (HERE) — details the controversial subject from a European perspective. He observes that car makers Stellantis and Renault have launched two vehicles without radio receivers, apparently in violation of a European mandate. The most worrying aspect for Lanctot? “the deafening silence from consumers and regulators.” He imagines that those European renegades might inspire U.S. makers to slip non-radio cars past weak U.S. regulations.


It Makes One Dizzy

Spotify is set to return to the IAB, after the streaming giant’s eye-opening pull-out reported ten days ago [see HERE]. As with the pull-out news, we learn of the about-face from Podnews , which quotes a Spotify spokesperson thusly: “We have remained committed to IAB’s mission, have maintained compliance with the IAB guidelines, and are currently working with the IAB on the v2.2 certification of the Megaphone platform.” Megaphone is Spotify’s enterprise podcast network.


Voice On Voice

Voice123, an online agency for pairing voice actors with voiceover work opportunities, has launched a podcast. Called AV123, it self-describes as “An audiovisual show.” Carel Cronje, Content Editor at Voice123, is the host. First guest: Sounds Profitable co-owner Bryan Barletta. INfo HERE.


June 7, 2024

Brad Hill