Will Ferrell’s pod network to create multi-platform comedy show and talent incubator

Will Ferrell’s odcast network, Big Money Players, is working with iHeartMedia to create a multi-platform comedy creators program and multimedia comedy show.

The talent incubator part of this will roll out at Ferrell’s discretion, highlighting his personally selected comedians. Those individuals will join the BMP network and be showcased across the iHeartMedia ecosystem.

In addition, a radio show called “The Big Money Players Comedy Hour Presented by Straight Talk Wireless,” has been created, and was broadcast across iHeartMedia radio stations yesterday.

The Big Money Players network comprises eight podcasts, including The Niki Glaser Podcast, Las Culturistas, and of course The Ron Burgundy Podcast.

The mission of BMP will be to spolight comedic talent currently exposed on social media. The “inductees” in the incubator program will receive training from established comedians, exposure to new audiences, and (unspecified) “opportunities to work with top tier brands to develop unique ad-focused comedic content.”

“From the time I was a wee baby boy, in fact before I ever uttered my first words, I have always dreamt of assembling a team of comedians as funny and talented as the Big Money Players Circle,” said Ferrell. “Now, to officially announce the Circle over the RADIO WAVES — which mankind has used to announce such momentous occasions as the first man landing on the moon, Dan Quayle’s VP Nomination and the score of last night’s LAFC game — is a dream bigger than Baby Will could have ever dreamt.”

“iHeartMedia’s partnership with Will Ferrell and his team around the Big Money Players podcast network has produced some of the smartest, most innovative comedy in the medium today, as we grow the audiences of existing shows like ‘Las Culturistas’ – as well as launch a new wave of comedians into podcasting like ‘Straightiolab,’ ” said Conal Byrne, CEO of iHeartMedia Digital Audio Group. “The Big Money Players Circle is the latest extension of the brand – from podcasting into social media – where we’re excited to support and grow a whole new wave of next-generation talent as well. And, we are thrilled that Straight Talk Wireless recognizes the power of comedy and has joined us as the exclusive launch partner of our Big Money Players Circle.”




Brad Hill