New podcast creation on track to lowest yearly level since 2018

Looking at the monthly and yearly podcast creation statistics at Listen Notes [HERE], we observe that new podcasts have been started this year at the lowest rate since 2018:

At the current rate of monthly new-podcast creation in 2023 (17,457) it appears that the annual new-podcast total will be about 209,000. That number is lower than each of the last four years. We’re expecting the total number of new shows to exceed the 2018 total of 203,519.

Looking at the monthly view, September turned out fewer new podcasts than any preceding month in 2023.

Listen Notes is reporting 3,195,616 active podcasts in the world, with nearly 178-million episodes. That second number is staggering when compared to the number of music tracks hosted by Spotify: about 100-million. By this accounting, podcast creators have made nearly twice as many episodes (which can feasibly be likened to podcast “tracks”) than music tracks over several decades.

Brad Hill