Bridge Ratings finds streaming chips away at radio’s devoted listener base

Bridge Ratings has posted an update to its New Media Gauntlet study, which reflects listener trends across different media. The latest results showed that although radio’s weekly cume has been relatively stable over time, it has been declining in how many people dub it their favorite listening choice. Streaming, on the other hand, has been rising in “favoriteness,” which Bridge said is chipping away at the numbers for both radio and downloads. Continue Reading


Year-in-reviews: The music industry reflects on 2016

As 2016 crawls to a close and 2017 emerges on the horizon, it’s time for that most time-honored of traditions: the year in review. Music companies of all stripes have released their assessments of top performers from the past twelve months. Here’s a collection of the high points from 2016. Continue Reading


Bridge Ratings predicts pureplay streaming will exceed terrestrial webcasting

Dave Van Dyke of Bridge Ratings Media Research has published some recent data about pureplay listening in a LinkedIn post. “Something interesting is happening on the internet streaming front,” Van Dyke writes. He projects that time spent listening to pureplay streaming will exceed terrestrial simulcasting by next year. Continue Reading


Bridge Ratings research finds little listener interest in adding news to pureplay streams

Do you want to hear more than music on your favorite pureplay streaming service? The findings from a study by Bridge Ratings indicate that many people are content with the status quo of songs only. “Adding news or commuter traffic content is likely not going to enhance the experience for most users of these services,” said Dave Van Dyke, Bridge Ratings’ president. Continue Reading