Early hands-on with Pono player reveals how it’s shaping up

The Pono Music crowdfunding campaign has been successful (to put it mildly) in the fundraising stage, but most of those contributors are still waiting to see what their pledges have created. Eamonn Forde of The Guardian was able to get hands-on time with one of the Pono Player prototypes and shared his experience. He said the improvements in sound quality that Pono delivered were impressive on both expensive headphones and cheap earbuds. Since that was the top promise made by Neil Young and his colleagues, that’s a relief to hear. Continue Reading


Pono Music has already hit its Crowdfunder goal [Update: Campaign to continue for another month]

We reported last week that Pono Music had launched a new equity crowdfunding project to raise additional funds for its hi-fi digital music player and store. Investors have pledged more than $5.24 million to the company thus far, and there are still two weeks to go. [Update: The campaign will now stretch until Sept. 30; how much money does Pono need?] Continue Reading


Pono Music seeking $2.5 million in new equity crowdfunding project

Pono Music already has more than $6 million at its disposal from Kickstarter, but Neil Young and company are looking to raise more with a slightly different crowdfunding approach. This time they’re using Crowdfunder, which is an equity crowdfunding platform. Pono is looking to raise $2.5 million, and they’ve already received $1.43 million in commitments. Continue Reading


Geek Wave, the latest high-performance music player, nets $1.3 million on Indiegogo

LH Labs, part of Light Harmonics, completed a crowdfunding campaign to fund creation of the Geek Wave. Although Geek Wave doesn’t have the star power of Pono Music behind it, the LH Labs team still received huge financial support from audiophiles: this “high-performance portable music player” exceeded its initial Indiegogo goal of $38,000 and closed out with $1,323,073 in pledges. Continue Reading


Neil Young takes over as CEO of Pono Music; launch by end of year

On Friday, the team behind new high-rez music ecosystem Pono Music announced that rock legend Neil Young will take on the role of CEO, replacing John Hamm at the helm, with Rick Cohen taking on the role of COO. The new music service is reportedly scheduled to launch by the end of this calendar year, a timeline bump from the original April goal. Continue Reading


Rdio upgrades the sound quality of 25-million tracks

On-demand music service Rdio announced a new affiliation with Musicians for Audio Quality, headed by The Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir. Putting its product where its affiliation is, Rdio is dramatically upgrading its entire 25-million-track library to hi-fi … or at least higher-fi. Hi-fi mobile music is a somewhat controversial concept, but is building momentum as a trend. Continue Reading


Internet Radio REWIND: #001

Introducing Internet Radio REWIND, an audio recap of the week. This weekly program is a quick (six minutes) and concise catch-up of the week’s top stories. Click the Play button and be ready for the coming week. this week: Bette Midler, Spotify and Sprint, Pandora’s latest lawsuit, Rdio’s Brazilian blockbuster, and Pono Music. Continue Reading