RAIN Poll: What do you think of music exclusives?

Exclusive album releases have become one of the most interesting and controversial tactics that musicians and labels use to drive income and sales. While the music industry tries to maximize revenue, and participating music services hope to attract and retain subscribers, music-lovers who have shifted their consumption to on-demand streaming are left out. What is your response to music exclusives? Take the quick RAIN Poll. Continue Reading


RAIN Poll results: Should streaming subscriptions cost less?

Recent news that Apple is pushing back to labels about licensing fees, with the possible intent of lowering the monthly subscription cost of Beats Music, sets the stage for this week’s RAIN Poll. We asked readers: Is Apple right? Would a lower subscription cost stimulate the subscription side of the streaming business? Or doesn’t it matter? The result was conclusive in an unexpected way Continue Reading

RAIN Poll: Apple/U2 — gift or gaffe?

Apple’s universal distribution of U2’s new album — the controversy that won’t die. As the dust slowly settles, we’d like to know how it shakes out for you, whether you’re an Apple device user or not. Was the free (and forced) album a huge blunder? Or is all the complaining a waste of bandwidth? Vote your opinion! Leave a survey comment, too — as always, selected comments will be published with the poll results. Continue Reading

RAIN Poll results: Would you pay for a YouTube music service?

In our latest RAIN Poll, we surveyed readers with a single Yes-or-No question: Would you pay for a YouTube music service? Such a service is on the way, reportedly later this summer, offering ad-free listening/watching on some kind of YouTube-ish platform. The result of our informal poll was definite: NO. Eighty-three percent or respondents declared a negative vote on this question; 17% said they would pay. Click through to read selected comments. Continue Reading

RAIN Poll: Would you pay for a YouTube music service?

Would you pay for a YouTube music service? That’s a choice YouTube users will have by the end of the summer, according to recent reports.

It’s an unusual value proposition, because YouTube is already the most popular music-listening (and watching) platform in the world, with over a billion users. We don’t know many details about the new subscription service Google will roll out for YouTube, but we know it will be ad-free.

Vote your choice, and leave a comment! Selected comments will be published with poll results. Continue Reading