Aurous music platform launches under dark legal clouds

There’s a new streaming service on the horizon and it’s already attracted lots of buzz and lots of scrutiny. Aurous is a free and ad-free music platform that pulls its tunes from licensed third-party sources such as SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify. Within days of its official alpha launch, the service was hit with a lawsuit by the RIAA alleging massive copyright infringement. Continue Reading


RIAA and BPI have submitted 200 million URLs for Google takedowns

The RIAA and the BPI have issued their 200 millionth URL takedown request to Google. The RIAA has submitted 19,569 total requests and the BPI has made 295,730. These requests seek to remove pirated content from the web. The two record industry organizations for the U.S. and UK, respectively, have been pushing for the tech company to adopt stricter measures to prevent this type of music piracy. Continue Reading

Norway sees increased streaming music revenue, decreased piracy

A recent IFPI survey revealed insights into the music industry in Norway. The survey found that streaming secured a larger portion of the country’s annual market sales value at 75%. Downloads were just 11% and physical formats were 14%. In 2013, streaming accounted for just 66% of the market, and physical sales had a 22% share. Continue Reading