Merlin finds streaming music is increasing international revenue for indie labels

Independent label network Merlin has seen its earnings from Latin America increase five-fold in the past three years. Based on current growth rates, Merlin’s 2018 revenue from Latin America are projected to exceed $60 million. Streaming appears to be a key driver of that international growth. Continue Reading


Indies seek a share of major labels’ eventual Spotify stock proceeds; Sony agrees

Spotify’s latest strides toward a direct public offering has led to some speculation around how the labels that own stakes in the streaming company will distribute their windfall. But independent artists and labels are looking for more assurance that they won’t be shortchanged. Continue Reading


Indie music is on the rise and benefits from streaming

Independent record labels have a 38.4% share on the industry based on rights ownership, producing global revenue of $6 billion in 2016. That’s the top-line finding from the Worldwide Independent Network’s annual report on the financial state for indie music. Mark Mulligan of MIDiA Research authored the report, based on a survey of 660 labels and distributors. Continue Reading