What makes a good ”audio logo”? (New research)

Veritonic has released its 2017 Audio Logo Index, an assessment of how effective audio advertisements are and which brands in the U.S. and the UK created audio signatures that best connected with customers. The key traits highlighted in the study could be useful signposts for ad agencies looking to strengthen their in-house capabilities for audio as well as for publishers or hosts of audio content who want data to back their appeal as a source of ad money. Continue Reading


Spotify delights with data in 2018 Goals marketing campaign

Last year, Spotify tapped into its data troves for a clever marketing campaign. This year, it’s back in action, all themed around resolutions for 2018. The push is dubbed “2018 Goals,” and it again highlights some of the unusual factoids and data points from Spotify listeners. The campaign was developed and executed in-house and covers 18 markets. Continue Reading


Triton Digital integrates MediaMath DSP with a2x exchange

Triton Digital announced that its programmatic audio ad exchange a2x is now integrated with MediaMath’s omni-channel demand-side platform. MediaMath is a programmatic marketing company, and its DSP launched in 2007. The deal will allow MediaMath’s advertisers to add online audio from broadcasters and streaming music services to their programmatic, omni-channel buys. Continue Reading