Rightsholders could be losing $2.65 billion from businesses using personal streaming for background music

Soundtrack Your Brand, a B2B music provider for physical storefronts, commissioned a study from Nielsen Music into the financial impact of where businesses obtain background music. According to the study, rightsholders could be missing out on a total of $2.65 billion annually due to businesses using the personal streaming accounts of staff members rather than products designed for company and for-profit uses. Continue Reading

Spotify-owned B2B streaming company makes big splash entering U.S. market

Today marks a big development in the B2B music space, as Soundtrack Your Brand arrives in the U.S. through a deal with McDonald’s. Soundtrack also announced that it has received a total of $20 million in funding to date. It is backed by Spotify, which also owns a third of the company, and works with businesses to set the music they want played at their stores. Continue Reading