Rightsholders could be losing $2.65 billion from businesses using personal streaming for background music

Soundtrack Your Brand, a B2B music provider for physical storefronts, commissioned a study from Nielsen Music into the financial impact of where businesses obtain background music. According to the study, rightsholders could be missing out on a total of $2.65 billion annually due to businesses using the personal streaming accounts of staff members rather than products designed for company and for-profit uses. Continue Reading


Napster to power new B2B music subscription from SoundMachine

SoundMachine, a company the provides background music to businesses, has partnered with Napster for a new music subscription for retail spaces. The service is titled Business Premium powered by Napster, and it offers Napster’s music catalog and programming technology supported by the scheduling and management features from SoundMachine. Continue Reading


Spotify-owned B2B streaming company makes big splash entering U.S. market

Today marks a big development in the B2B music space, as Soundtrack Your Brand arrives in the U.S. through a deal with McDonald’s. Soundtrack also announced that it has received a total of $20 million in funding to date. It is backed by Spotify, which also owns a third of the company, and works with businesses to set the music they want played at their stores. Continue Reading