New Mood Media feature lets customers play DJ

Mood Media canvasMood Media, a B2B digital music provider for retail stores and other public environments, has added a Social Mix feature to its Mood Mix Pro service, which brings more integration to in-store playlists. Businesses running Social Mix can allow customers or employees to see the live song lineup and influence what track plays next. All the information is visible on the store’s Social Mix webpage. Businesses running the program can put signage in their stores letting customers know how to participate in guiding the playlist. Mood Mix Pro also includes curated and vetted content for businesses along with features for playlist scheduling and mixing.

“Music can communicate the heart and soul of a brand, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution for businesses,” said David Van Epps, Mood’s global chief product officer and executive vice president of local sales. “With Mood Mix Pro and Social Mix, Mood offers a total packaged solution to meet the demands of almost any commercial environment, while allowing Mood clients easy ways to evolve and meet consumer expectations with greater personalization and choice.”

Anna Washenko