2016 round-up: Music industry results from around the world

In the first few months of every new year, trade bodies from all corners of the globe reflect on their successes of the previous 12 months. Those analyses offer a snapshot of the music industry and the trends that cross national borders. For 2016, the results generally reflected a continued increase to the share of revenue delivered by streaming. Here are links to our coverage of all the national music reports we’ve found.

  • Australia – more than 90% increase in streaming revenue
  • Denmark – 21.3% increase in streaming revenue
  • France – 37% increase in streaming revenue
  • Germany – 73.1% increase in streaming revenue
  • Italy – 39.4% increase in subscription streaming revenue
  • Japan – 61.4% increase in subscription streaming revenue
  • Spain – 37.4% increase to subscription streaming revenue
  • Sweden – 82.3% share of the music market contributed by streaming
  • United Kingdom – 61% increase in streaming revenue
  • United States – 114% increase in subscription streaming revenue


Anna Washenko