Test Drive: RadioPublic delivers loads of free podcasts, but for who?


Podcasting is in a boom, but the audio format still has a long way to go before achieving mainstream familiarity. Tools like RadioPublic seem designed to be an entry point into podcasting by making the discovery process simpler for a newbie listener. The question is whether this app can succeed in reaching them. Continue Reading


Test Drive: Spotify launches Release Radar, an extension of Discover Weekly

Spotify Release Radar canvas

Spotify has launched a new personalized playlist feature, Release Radar, which appears in every user’s Browse section. Release Radar is Spotify’s first expansion of the technology which powers Discover Weekly, an unquestionable hit with users and a triumph of algorithmic music curation. RAIN’s Anna Washenko and Brad Hill take Release Radar for a spin, and share their impressions. Continue Reading


Test Drive: Newest version of NPR One adds excellent options

npr one logo canvas

The last time we took a close look at NPR One, the innovative audio mobile app from the public broadcaster, was right at its launch. The app has kicked off the new year with an update that beefs up the browsing and discovery options. Version 1.6 adds a fresh layer of personalization and flexibility to the already excellent app. Continue Reading


Test Drive: 360-degree videos from the Google Cultural Institute

Google 360 orchestra canvas

Google announced new additions to its push to record great works in 360-degree video, this time focused on the fine arts. The tech giant has partnered with more than 60 performing arts groups around the world to create live, 360-degree experiences. I’ve seen a few experiments with this video tech before, and it has always seemed more interesting in theory than in practice to me. So I was curious to see what this meeting of high-tech and high culture could produce. Continue Reading