SoundExchange will continue administering webcast royalties for Pandora’s free radio service

Pandora has been re-thinking its licensing, inking direct deals with labels and publishers over the past two years. Despite those changes to the audio company’s licensing structures, SoundExchange will still be managing Pandora’s payouts to artists from the free tier. Continue Reading


Year-in-reviews: The music industry reflects on 2016

As 2016 crawls to a close and 2017 emerges on the horizon, it’s time for that most time-honored of traditions: the year in review. Music companies of all stripes have released their assessments of top performers from the past twelve months. Here’s a collection of the high points from 2016. Continue Reading


SoundExchange’s Annual Royalty Collections Approaching $1 Billion — Due to Pandora

by Angus MacDonald

Intellectual property attorney Angus MacDonald was the first to calculate that Pandora paid more than half of all SoundExchange collections of royalties to record labels. In this column, he calculates a higher percentage for 2015, noting that the growth of SoundExchange royalty collections is tied closely to Pandora, and that the pace is slowing. Continue Reading


Bret Kinsella: Streaming Royalties Rise, But What Story Does SoundExchange Data Tell?

by Bret Kinsella

Royalty payments are the single biggest cost for Internet radio and audio streaming services. Guest columnist Bret Kinsella examines SoundExchange’s Q4 financial statement, and matches it up to streaming growth metrics. The two datasets don’t match, but it’s not about lower revenue to the music industry. It’s about the money taking different paths to get there.
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