Rumor Fact(ory): Spotify nearing major label deals with some surprising propositions

Financial Times is the source of the latest Spotify speculation, reporting that the streaming service is close to final licensing deals with the major labels. The core of those arrangements, is that Spotify would pay a lower royalty fee to the labels, but in exchange would temporarily gate major album releases for paying customers. Continue Reading


MIDiA Research: Streaming drives global music market of $16.1B in 2016

MIDiA Research 2016 recorded music canvas

MIDiA Research is always a source of interesting data and analysis for the music industry, and its assessment of the global recorded music revenue in 2016 is no exception. In two recent blog posts, the company explored both the overall performance of the music industry and the shares of that performance secured by each of the major labels. Continue Reading


Labels mount lawsuit against German stream ripping operation

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The three major labels have filed a lawsuit against an operation that they claim is a top offender in stream ripping. German company YouTube-mp3.org is charged with piracy by engaging in an increasingly common form of music copying, where music videos are reduced to audio-only MP3 files for personal consumption and sharing. Continue Reading