Google Assistant demoed on Sonos at CES 2019

Voice assistants and smart speakers have been one of the hottest topics at this year’s CES, but one development between two major players is worth a little extra attention. Sonos has been promising an eventual integration with Google Assistant, but that support has been delayed past its initial target date. Google and Sonos hosted demonstrations of the voice assistant on a Sonos Beam and Sonos One this week in Las Vegas. Continue Reading


Sonos nearly breaks even in Q4, setting the stage for big moves in 2019

Sonos posted positive results for its fiscal fourth quarter, and Wall Street celebrated the news. The audio company makes wireless speakers and is quickly asserting expertise in mid-tier and high-end smart speakers. The newly launched Sonos Beam in particular boosted the company’s performance, and investors boosted stock prices 20% in after-hours trading. Continue Reading


Sonos Beam soundbar brings agnostic voice assistant to the living room for an entry-level price

Sonos has taken its ambitious next step into the smart speaker space with a new product that supports multiple voice assistants and changes the form factor. The Sonos Beam is a sound bar, a much larger device than the most popular tabletop smart speaker designs currently on the market, that’s capable of providing quality audio for a range of entertainment purposes in small- or medium-sized rooms. Continue Reading