Sonos officially releases the portable Move and a smart speaker without microphones

Sonos introduced three new products this week, including both updates to existing concepts and the official launch of its first portable speaker.

The new product was the previously rumored Sonos Move. This portable speaker has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options for use at home or on the go. It supports both the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice AI platforms, and can play audio from more than 100 different streaming services. It also connects to the Apple ecosystem thanks to AirPlay 2 integration. The battery offers up to 10 hours of continuous play time, and it comes with a charging dock for home use.

In addition, the company launched the Sonos One SL. This smart speaker has a similar build to the Sonos One, but does not have built-in microphones. This option for a smart speaker without voice assistants is instead controlled through other audio or music programs or by the Sonos App. This would likely appeal to people who value Sonos’ audio engineering but are concerned about privacy with voice assistants. The product will be available globally on September 12 and will retail for $179.

The final product is the Sonos Port, a successor to the company’s Connect. This tool brings Sonos streaming to regular stereos or receivers. It includes voice controls from Amazon and Google when the Port is wirelessly connected to a smart device. Port also launches on September 12 for $399.

Anna Washenko

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