Drake’s new album will be an Apple exclusive and this one matters more

Apple Music is getting another exclusive, and while it isn’t a surprise, it is a big one. Drake’s upcoming project, Views From The 6, will only be on Apple’s platform when it drops on April 29. The scope of this exclusive release will make it a telling sign of the where the current streaming market is headed. Continue Reading

Tidal caught in another PR snafu, this one featuring Apple Music and Drake

Tidal has accused Apple of blocking its stream of rapper Drake’s performance at a charity concert, claiming it was threatened with a $20 million lawsuit by the tech company on the grounds that Drake currently has an exclusive deal with Apple Music. Tidal called Apple “Big Brother” in a tweet and left the same message on the blank video stream during Drake’s set. Drake’s camp said the stream’s black-out was not due to Apple. Continue Reading