David Oxenford: Copyright Royalty Board Begins Hearings on Webcasting Royalty Rates – When Will We See a Decision?

by David Oxenford

The Copyright Royalty Board has begun the hearing phase of its proceeding to set the royalties to be paid by webcasters for the years 2016-2020. Broadcast law attorney David Oxenford witnessed the day-ong event. Continue Reading


How Misunderstandings about Big Numbers Distort the Debate over Songwriter Digital Music Royalties

by David Oxenford

Barely a day goes by without seeing some article about a songwriter whose song was played a million times on a digital music service like Pandora or Spotify, with the artist only receiving a relatively small amount of royalty revenue from that seemingly large number of plays. A number of issues are misunderstood — especially about big numbers. Continue Reading

David Oxenford: Songwriter’s Equity Act Reintroduced — What Does It Propose?

by David Oxenford

Broadcast attorney David Oxenford digs into the Songwriter Equity Act in this comprehensive analysis of proposed legislation. “This is perhaps one of those questions that can never be answered — which is more important, the song or the singer?” Continue Reading

Copyright Office Issues Report on Music Licensing, Issues Include Broadcast Performance Royalties, Publisher Withdrawals from ASCAP and BMI, and Pre-1972 Sound Recordings

by David Oxenford

As we reported last week, the U.S. Copyright Office released a comprehensive review of music licensing, and made recommendations for changes. Broadcast Law Attorney offers this thorough analysis of the report’s contents.

“The report tees up many issues for consideration. So now, let the debate begin!” Continue Reading

Beware of Music in Your Podcasts – SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC Don’t Give You the Rights You Need

by David Oxenford

The overwhelming majority of podcasts are spoken-word programs, and it has been that way the category started. Why? Broadcast law attorney and guest columnist David Oxenford explains the legal reasons. Continue Reading


SoundExchange to audit Live365, iHeartMedia, CBS Radio in standard compliance sweep

When a reader and pureplay station operator sent us a government notice of SoundExchange’s intent to audit the streaming royalty payments made by Live365, iHeartMedia, and CBS Radio for 2011, 2012, and 2013, we turned to broadcast law attorney David Oxenford (author of the deeply informative Broadcast Law Blog) to find out how significant the action is. Continue Reading


Editor’s Notebook: From digital dashboard to self-driving cars

by Brad Hill

The digital dashboard is a gold-rush scramble for territory. But what if there were no dashboard at all? Autonomous (self-driving) cars are rolling toward us, and will be on the road sooner or later. How will audio competition be shaped when the car is a WiFi-connected living room? Continue Reading

New York Court Finds Public Performance Right in Pre-1972 Recordings; How Will this Affect Music Use?

by David Oxenford

David Oxenford explains potential impacts and consequences of the latest pre-1972 copyright court action. “All music users that play oldies, whether the businesses be digital music services, radio stations, bars and restaurants or retail outlets, need to be carefully following the action in this case.” Continue Reading

David Oxenford: Noncommercial Webcasters Royalty Rate Proposals for 2016-2020

Noncommercial webcasters are often forgotten in the discussion of the current proceeding to set Internet radio sound recording royalties. But, along with the royalties for commercial webcasters, the current Copyright Royalty Board proceeding will also set the rates for noncommercial webcasters. Broadcast attorney and frequent guest contributor David Oxenford explains everything. Continue Reading


Webcast Rate Proposals Now Public for 2016-2020; What Will the Copyright Royalty Board Consider?

by David Oxenford

As webcasters have submitted their royalty-rate arguments to the Copyright Royalty Board, the fight for favorable music licensing rates shifts into high gear. Broadcast law attorney Davide Oxenford takes stock of key points in the submitted briefs, clearly summarizing complex considerations. Continue Reading