CRB may want different royalty rates for different suppliers

The Copyright Royalty Board is still in the throes of its decision-making process of setting webcasting licensing rates for 2016-2020. In the latest development, the CRB has asked the Copyright Office whether it can set different rates for different music suppliers. The query has sent industry leaders into heavy speculation about the intent behind it. Continue Reading

Copyright Office Issues Report on Music Licensing, Issues Include Broadcast Performance Royalties, Publisher Withdrawals from ASCAP and BMI, and Pre-1972 Sound Recordings

by David Oxenford

As we reported last week, the U.S. Copyright Office released a comprehensive review of music licensing, and made recommendations for changes. Broadcast Law Attorney offers this thorough analysis of the report’s contents.

“The report tees up many issues for consideration. So now, let the debate begin!” Continue Reading


U.S. Copyright Office rattles cages with profound critique of music licensing

The U.S. Copyright Office released a comprehensive critique of how music licensing works in the U.S. Criticism, by itself, is not noteworth ythese days. The document is exceptional for its detail, pedigree, and disruptive recommendations. The headline recommendation: Broadcast radio should start paying artists. Continue Reading