Global Interactive Media filing lawsuits over broadcast display patents

Global Interactive Media has gone on a tear of lawsuits on charges that several broadcasting companies have violated its patents. That intellectual property covers an “apparatus and method to generate and access broadcast information.” At this stage, it seems possible that the Belize-based company is looking to make money by pushing litigation over patents of questionable validity. But if the patent claims are legitimate, it could mean one more set of royalty payments for many types of audio companies. Continue Reading

Shazam to power nightly program on Australian broadcast radio

Shazam has moved into the broadcast realm thanks to a partnership with Southern Cross Austereo. The parties have created a nightly show called Shazam Top 20 that will count down the most-tagged songs in Australia. According to the press release, fans who have the Shazam app on their phones will be directly influencing the charts. Calling the arrangement “a world-first,” Shazam’s APAC Sales Director Steve Sos said that the fan-guided radio show was a natural extension of the sound-identification app’s service. Continue Reading

Hanson: “Things are moving faster than you think” in Internet radio, time to “pour it on”

Today RAIN is excited to bring you video coverage of Kurt Hanson’s State of the Industry Address from RAIN Summit Chicago 2011. In the video (embedded below), Hanson argues that we’re not only entering a fourth golden age of radio,… Continue Reading