RIAA 2017: Streaming leaps to 65% share of U.S. music revenue, dominated by subscriptions

Streaming grabbed control of nearly two-thirds of music industry revenue in 2017. It’s another year of impressive financial results that proves the digital shift in listening still has not hit its peak. The annual report from the RIAA found that subscription streaming income helped drive the industry to another year of growth. It was the first time since 1999 that the sector saw two consecutive years of material growth. Continue Reading


Stream ripping is back in the spotlight, drawing ire from RIAA and caution from EFF

Stream ripping has been one of the most persistent trends in potential copyright infringement, topping reports from the IFPI, Muso, and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. Websites that allow stream ripping were a focus in the RIAA’s letter to the U.S. Trade Representative with information for the Notorious Markets List. Continue Reading


RIAA H1 2017 report: Streaming revenue hits $2.5 billion

For some time now, the music industry has been tracking trends of increased revenue from streaming as income from physical formats and downloads wanes. The RIAA H1 2017 data shows that the first half of this year continued those trajectories. Streaming secured a 62% share of the first-half revenues and total streaming revenue for the period was $2.5 billion. Continue Reading


RIAA: At $2B, streaming was music’s top revenue source in 2015

2015 was a banner year for streaming. The RIAA released its results for the past year and found that streaming was not just the biggest segment of digital revenue, but also the largest component of industry revenue, period. The performance for 2015 demonstrated that streaming music continues its rise in both cultural and financial importance for the music industry. Continue Reading