RIAA: At $2B, streaming was music’s top revenue source in 2015

RIAA 2015 paid subs canvas

2015 was a banner year for streaming. The RIAA released its results for the past year and found that streaming was not just the biggest segment of digital revenue, but also the largest component of industry revenue, period. The performance for 2015 demonstrated that streaming music continues its rise in both cultural and financial importance for the music industry.

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Aurous music platform launches under dark legal clouds

Aurous canvas

There’s a new streaming service on the horizon and it’s already attracted lots of buzz and lots of scrutiny. Aurous is a free and ad-free music platform that pulls its tunes from licensed third-party sources such as SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify. Within days of its official alpha launch, the service was hit with a lawsuit by the RIAA alleging massive copyright infringement.

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