James Cridland’s Future of Radio: HTTPS websites and iHeartMedia possibly bankrupt?

by James Cridland

James Cridland’s Future of Radio is a column by the Australia-based radio futurologist. THIS WEEK: Important tech questions about HTTPS websites. Following the iHeartMedia bankruptcy saga. Much more from the audio industry worldwide. Continue Reading


Gimlet Media sets its sights on kids and smart speakers with new audio project

Gimlet Media has released a new show that targets two recent trends in the podcast space: children and voice systems. Chompers is a twice-daily podcast designed to encourage good dental hygiene in kids. It is sponsored by Oral B and Crest Kids, both dental health companies, and will have new episodes twice a day for all of March. Continue Reading


Cabana adds Parents on Demand shows to its podcast lineup

Cabana, the digital audio division for AdLarge, announced that the Parents on Demand Network is joining its roster of podcasts. Parents on Demand shows cover topics from pregnancy to adoption to parenting teens. Broadcast television journalist Sunny Gault launched the network after her first child was born, and worked with AdLarge as her ad sales partner. Continue Reading