Spotify gets NPR as two giants combine strengths

In a pivotal deal, NPR announced that its entire podcast catalog is now available on Spotify for the first time. All shows from the public media outlet, both familiar favorites and new titles, will have a home on the streaming audio service. The arrangement brings the world’s largest podcast publisher into one of the largest podcast distribution platforms. Continue Reading


WNYC Studios and Night Vale Presents partner on The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air)

WNYC Studios is partnering with Night Vale Presents in a deal that will revisit The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air). The podcast — which is part radio drama, part variety show, and all cult classic — released a single season in October 2016. Under this deal, the original show will get a new release and a second season. Continue Reading


Vox Media gets creative with new podcast ads for HBO’s Silicon Valley

Vox Media is exploring new options for creative advertising in podcasts. Three of the media company’s shows will have ad breaks where Kara Swisher, co-founder of Recode and host of the Recode/Decode podcast, interviews a character from the HBO comedy Silicon Valley. The interview with actor Chris Diamantopoulos (in character as tech investor Russ Hanneman) covers the current cryptocurrency plotline of the show. Continue Reading


iHeartRadio launches “snackable” podcast with Barbara Corcoran

iHeartRadio has formed a partnership with Barbara Corcoran, one of the regular “sharks” in the reality startup show Shark Tank, to launch the Business Unusual podcast hosted by Corcoran, sponsored by Dell Small Business. It is a monologue format in which the real estate mogul delivers a business lesson (or two) in what is promoted as a “snackable” five-minute show. Continue Reading


Study: Podcast fans command billions in spending power for consumer packaged goods

Cadence13 and Nielsen have released a research report titled The Purchasing Power of Podcast Listeners, the first in a series that will examine the behaviors and trends within this audience. The first report explores listeners of shows about sports, society & culture, and television & movies and their spending habits in the consumer packaged good categories of snacks, carbonated beverages, and beauty products. Continue Reading