Pureplay of the Day: Smooth Jazz Chicago

On April 30, 2012, Rick O’Dell was fed up. WLFM in Chicago switched away from the Smooth Jazz format (to Alt Rock), leaving the city’s terrestrial listeners without a station for that shiny genre. It had happened before, in 2009, when Clear Channel’s WNUA abandoned Smooth Jazz for Spanish-language programming. O’Dell saw an opportunity, and started a localized Smooth Jazz Internet-only station. Continue Reading


Pureplay of the Day (Johnny Winter edition): Rock Radio 1

After hearing sad news of Johnny Winter’s death, we used Michael Robertson’s Radio Search Engine, and the artist-search feature in RadioTuna, to find poureplay stations pivoting quickly on the news with memorial programming. We found Rock Radio 1 placing Johnny Winter blocks into its stream of metal and blues-rock, surrounded by tribute songs by other bands. Continue Reading


Pureplay(s) of the Day: Jazz and more jazz

Jazz lovers can be hardcore fans, with specialty interests in historical eras, legendary performers, and certain instruments. The genre lends itself to more specialized coverage than what is normally found in the universal music services. For the lean-back jazz aficionado, two services — JazzRadio and AccuJazz — provide seemingly endless great listening tailored to mood and sub-genre. Continue Reading