Pureplay of the Day: Aardvark Blues

aardvark bluesThe quest for great blues finds another watering hole in Aardvark Blues. This Internet-only station had us at Ana Popovic, the Serbian blues-rocker and favorite in the RAIN editorial office. Two days of listening has yielded many song look-ups and discoveries.

Launched in 2012, Aardvark Blues (www.aardvarkbluesfm.com) is donation-supported, and runs occasional promos. Otherwise, ad-free. the programming includes a respectful dose of traditional blues, but is mostly blues-rock with compelling backbeats and scorching guitar work.

Reliable streaming is provided by the RadioTuna platform. Clicking the “Listen Live” icon brings up a pop-up player (or new browser tab, depending on your setup). You can also use an external player — our test of Windows Media worked fine, but the music metadata (song title, band) did not transfer to that window.

If you tire of the blues … well, first of all, shame on you. But the same no-nonsense programming is available from the same Aardvark outfit on the rock side, at (you guessed it) Aardvark Rock (www.aardvarkrockfm.com).

Brad Hill


  1. Bad link for the Blues station. Link is spelled incorrectly.

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