Pureplay of the Day: Brazilian Birds Radio

brazilian birdsSpotify, Pandora, and some other big players in streaming music cannot make a profit, partly because of the high cost of music licensing. Solution? Just play bird songs.

Brazilian Birds Radio does just that, although this station is a small sideshow in the sprawling 1.FM array of Internet radio stations. Presumably, the curassows, guans, and chachalacas of Brazil’s forests do not require statutory royalty payments.

What’s in it for you? A transportive experience that can relieve any creeping Monday-morning back-to-the-pod antipathy. The station is also superbly informative. A glance at the Recently Played lists provides a wealth of information:

  1. Brazilian Birds
  2. Brazilian Birds
  3. Brazilian Birds
  4. Brazilian Birds

(If you need to go deeper, try this Wikipedia page.)

Seriously, we think this station is awesome, and musical in its own way. Put it through headphones for the best in-the-jungle experience.

Brad Hill