Pureplay of the Day: MistyRadio

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mistyradio artist cloud 200wMistyRadio (www.mistyradio.com) is slow and sentimental jazz (mostly) for relaxed listening. We thought it might be excessively soupy at first, but it depends on when you hit the stream. The MistyRadio is really about memory-infused songs, mostly traditional jazz, or jazzy in feel. The station tagline is: “Dreamy. Wistful. Bittersweet.”

MistyRadio was started before 2000 as a programming idea for a radio client. Founders Dan Hayden and Kathryn Gallant both come from broadcast, and have partnered in radio across genres from rock to classical. They share an interest in the Great American Songbook, and the MistyRadio stream displays that passion.

The MistyRadio website of made for listening, not for socializing, or even for seeing recently played songs — so keep your favorite song-recognition app handy.

Brad Hill


  1. Thanks, Brad! Dan and I are delighted you like MistyRadio.com. Thanks for helping us spread the news. – Kathryn Gallant

  2. One other thing: there is space for socializing on the MistyRadio.com Facebook page, where you can catch up on news about MistyRadio artists, music happenings, new adds to the playlist, make suggestions, etc.

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