Pureplay of the Day (Johnny Winter edition): Rock Radio 1

rock radio 1

After hearing sad news of Johnny Winter’s death, we used Michael Robertson’s Radio Search Engine, and the artist-search feature in RadioTuna, to find pureplay stations pivoting quickly on the news with memorial programming. We found Rock Radio 1 (www.rockradio1.com) placing Johnny Winter blocks into its stream of metal and blues-rock.

johnny winterRock Radio 1’s nimble programming is largely the result of its real-time request line. When we tuned in, we heard a does of Johnny Winter requests, including Winter Drinkin’ Blues, Baby Whatcha Want Me To Do (live), and Riot in Cell Block #9. Non-request surrounding programming seemed to have a tribute feel also: Still I’m Sad (Rainbow), Jailbreak (Anthrax), Die Hard (Venom), and In this We Dwell (Paradise Lost).

Rock Radio 1 specializes in hard rock and metal going back to the 1960s. You can use Winamp or Windows Media Player, to listen, but a flash pop-up is the easiest and quickest way. Registering at the site provides access to the request line and discussion forums.

R.I.P Johnny Winter.

Brad Hill