Pureplay of the Day: Global Breakfast Radio

global breakfast radio 638w

This installation of our POTD series could be re-titled Not-Quite-Pureplay of the Day. Global Breakfast Radio assembles a constantly changing selection of broadcast web streams at local dawn time. The result is an Internet-only station, built on a novel idea and with fascinating results.

The station pulls its content from more than 120 countries, and if you listen long enough you’ll hear over 50 languages. Overall, Global Breakfast Radio is not necessarily a musical experience — that depends on chance. Morning shows have a lot of talk. To groove on international talk radio, you have to have the adventurous spirit of an intrepid traveler. Go for the hidden gems. We were recently entranced by morning calls to prayer, broadcast from the Middle East. We have also encountered hair-raising alt-metal-meltdown sonic chaos emanating from a San Francisco station … what a way to wake up!

As you might expect, streaming can be spotty. On the upside, the built-in player is an easy one-click experience.

Global Breakfast Radio is the creation of writer Seb Emina (author of the Breakfast Bible) and Daniel Jones, an inventor specializing in sound manipulation.

Brad Hill