Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers to helm iTunes Radio too

Sources said that Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers will be overseeing iTunes Radio going forward in addition to his leadership of the Beats streaming service. The Wall Street Journal reported that having Rogers at the head of both the iTunes Radio and Beats Music could help keep a cohesive feel across the two services. Continue Reading

Apple/Beats roundup: An official welcome, updated job news, and buying Vivendi’s stake

Apple issued an official welcome to Beats Music and Beats Electronics, indicating that the acquisition, announced in May, is now finalized. “Music has always held a special place in our hearts, and we’re thrilled to join forces with a group of people who love it as much as we do,” the statement on Apple’s website read. Continue Reading

Apple cuts some Beats jobs; still no word on remaining execs (Update)

As part of its acquisition, Apple has allegedly let go of some Beats employees who were in redundant roles. Reports suggested that Beats Electronics would lose 200 jobs, although the impact on the streaming side of the business, Beats Music, was not clear. Apple’s rep later gave clarification about the rumored job cuts. Continue Reading

EU clears Apple/Beats deal, Bose adds twist with lawsuit over noise-canceling tech

The European Commission has cleared Apple’s purchase of Beats. The trade regulator determined that while both companies do have overlap in goods and services sold, they don’t have a strong enough joint presence in Europe to cause competition concerns. However, the news isn’t all good for Beats and its likely new owner. Continue Reading