UK songwriters’ group lobbies for a share of Facebook, Spotify revenue

Songwriters and composers in the UK are making a push for music publishers to include them in their recent licensing negotiations. Ahead of Spotify’s direct listening date, the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers & Authors is calling on publishers to commit to sharing proceeds from their sales of stock in the streaming music company. Continue Reading

BASCA backs PRS for Music in SoundCloud suit

Yesterday, we reported on PRS for Music’s lawsuit against SoundCloud. Today, the plaintiff got a statement of support from their fellow Brits at BASCA. “We acknowledge that streaming is a fantastic means of listening to and enjoying music but SoundCloud’s intransigence in refusing to be licensed through PRS For Music means their model financially damages our members,” CEO Vick Bain said. Continue Reading


BASCA to Taylor Swift: You think *you’ve* got it bad?

The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers And Authors weighed in on Taylor Swift’s decision to remove all of her music from Spotify over concerns that the singer was not being fairly compensated for her music. BASCA voiced support for Swift’s decision, but used the situation to call attention to the disparity in royalties paid to performers compared with those given to songwriters. Continue Reading