UK songwriters’ group lobbies for a share of Facebook, Spotify revenue

Songwriters and composers in the UK are making a push for music publishers to include them in their recent licensing negotiations. Ahead of Spotify’s direct listening date, the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers & Authors is calling on publishers to commit to sharing proceeds from their sales of stock in the streaming music company. Multiple majors have already agreed to a fair distribution of that potential windfall after a push from independent labels.

In addition, BASCA is looking for a share of advances paid from licensing deals with Facebook. The social media company has landed a slew of agreements with companies of all shapes and sizes in the music industry in recent months.

“Facebook and other user generated content platforms, as well as digital services such as Spotify have benefited incalculably from exploiting our members work and indeed this has allowed them to become among the world’s wealthiest corporations,” BASCA CEO Vick Bain said. “They, and the publishers who license music to them, have an obligation and a duty to safeguard the future sustainability of our industry and to ensure that songwriters and composers are given their fair due of these potential riches.”

Anna Washenko