Audioboom sees 20% revenue growth in H1; earnings release

Audioboom released information about its finances for the first half of 2020 in a blog post. The document, signed by CEO Stuart Last, contains the main bullet points at the top, followed by interesting discussions of various aspects of the podcast industry, COVID-19, Audioboom’s partnerships, and more finances at the bottom. Revenue increased 20% year-over-year. EBIDTA loss was trimmed. Continue Reading

iHeartPodcast Network Australia’s new partnerships: Audioboom & Kast Media

iHeartPodcast Netweork’s Australian subsidiary, which is managed by media group ARN, is starting the week with an announcement of two network partnerships: Audioboom and Kast Media. ARN is also releasing listenership numbers showing May as a strong month (+6%), along with a 22% rise during the pandemic period of mid-March through june. Continue Reading